Eliminate the guesswork when writing ads


Confidently Write Compelling and High-Converting Ad Copy That Cuts Through the Noise Using The Anti Guru’s Holy Trinity of Paid Traffic Copywriting

It’s time to ditch your one-trick pony copywriting templates—’cuz above-average conversions don’t work that way!

Every Copywriter and Business Owners Dread This Dilemma When Writing Ads

Do you know what’s worse than feeling stuck when writing ads? It’s unable to come up with an angle that resonates with your audience while being compliant!

Add to the fact that finding the right tone that your audience can relate to when writing a copy is such a pain.

Some copywriters and business owners use templates just so they can get by and launch their ads. But, what would they do if they reached their creative limits and their templates no longer work?

I got nothing on templates. As a matter of fact, it was my go-to fix when I started out. But, can I be honest with you right now? I stopped using templates since nineteen-never!

Because it made my copy dull! It didn’t let my personality shine. If you want above-average results, you’ve got to make an effort to use your creative juice and let it flow.

And if this is the first time you’ll write ads or if you need to get out of the wormhole that is writer’s block, this sales page might be the only thing you need to read to get out of that rut.

There’s a Plethora of Ways on How to Write ‘Winning’ Ads and It’s Not What You Think

Ads are more than just a composition of persuasive words, and it takes more than that for your ad to convert.

What’s that you ask? “Is it the copywriting formulas?” “Is it the audience?”

Yes and no. It takes more than an age-old proven formula or a laser-focused targeting to maximize conversions.

And if you keep on guessing what’s the ideal approach, your ad campaigns’ success will always be a hit and miss.

…just like relying on templates!

It takes more than having the capacity to adapt to multiple client voices or having to maintain clarity while being creative.

It’s High Time That You Skip the Whole Ordeal When Writing High-Converting Ads Because Fate Isn’t on Your Side When You Advertise

Tell you what, there’s no right or wrong way to maximize an ad campaign’s conversion. 

There’s only a strategic and intuitive approach.

And if you want to know how I write ads while achieving amazing conversions from both my clients’ and brand’s ad campaigns, you better read until the end.

Because this sales page might just save you from the whole tribulation of writing paid traffic copy.

So, stop guessing what to write and be overly creative because you’ll only dig your own grave.

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Your Ticket to Writing High-Converting Ads Starts With The Anti Guru’s Holy Trinity of Paid Traffic Copywriting

I bring forth a convenient way to learn how to write ad copy through a comprehensible copywriting course for paid traffic.

The Holy Trinity of Paid Traffic Copywriting contains an array of copywriter’s arsenal to get you started and succeed on the three famous social media platforms.

You will learn not only how to write copy from these social media platforms, but also the elements behind a winning ad campaign.

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy the course

Look, I’m Not Featured on Forbes’ Successful Consultant Under 35, or GQ’s Most Sexiest Funnel Copywriter Alive. Nor Do I Claim That What I Teach Is the End-All-Be-All of Ad Copywriting. But, I Have Proof That What I Do Works

Here’s the fine print

You’ll get…

-One (1) year access to The Holy Trinity of Paid Traffic Copywriting course (P15,495 or $319 value)

-Video lessons on how to write Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Linkedin Ads

-BONUS #1: Google adwords copywriting template and swipe files (P2,000 or $41 value)

-BONUS #2: Linkedin ad copywriting template and swipe files (P2,000 or $41 value)

-BONUS #3: Facebook ad copywriting template (P2,000 or $41 value)

-BONUS #4: Facebook ad copywriting formula breakdown guide (P2,000 or $41 value)

-BONUS #5: Customer avatar/buyer’s persona template (FREE)

-BONUS #6: The Mad Hatter Challenge: Facebook Ad Copywriting Fundamentals Masterclass (P5,000 or $103 value)

-BONUS #7: One (1) year access to private support group (P5,000 or $103 value)

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