Want to be a part of an underrated supergroup called the ‘Sensational Six’ and learn funnel copywriting? Then, I’m glad to announce…

A 5-Week Intensive Funnel Copywriting Program That Will Give You Results Even Before It’s OverOr Get Your Money Back!

I’ve shared my ‘recipe’ for success with my previous mentees and got great results. This time, I want to share it with you!

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Greetings aspiring funnel copywriter,


You’re here on this page because you’re tired of figuring out what in the world is funnel copywriting and how it works.


Or someone told you about what I do and how I can help you write better ads, create compelling content and build a systematic sales process.


If you’ve been thinking about leveraging the power of selling through words into your sales process…


Or maybe learn one of the most sought out and lucrative skills that clients are looking for to improve their business and pay you premium dollars…


Then buckle up and keep on reading as this may be the ONLY program you need to help you write better ads and compelling content.


(You can ask around or even search about it yourself. But, last time I checked, I’m the only one who’s offering this kind of program.)


You’re probably struggling in crafting compelling copy that generate warm leads for your business…or your clients’ businesses.


And it’s because…


You’re In a Hurry to Sell or You Don’t Have a Sales Process


After producing a number of above average results for my clients’ businesses…


I’ve found out that the BIGGEST problem in selling is that most business owners are in a hurry to get that sale without even knowing how to position their offers.


You see, personal trainers, agency owners, freelance copywriters and business owners are busy focusing on how to sell their products or services. Most of them still don’t know how to pitch their offer without sounding pushy or sales-y.


And then the obvious happens…

Zero Leads, Zero Conversions, Wasted Efforts and Money Down the Drain


The painstaking truth is…


Everybody wants to buy, but nobody wants to get sold.


Yes, that is the reality of selling.

Without a Compelling and Sustainable Sales Process, You’ll Be Eaten Whole by the Competition!

Selling without a process and not crafting the right message to persuade your audience will lead to a plethora of misfortunes such as:


  • You’ll end up losing money on ads because you think running paid traffic is the ‘secret sauce’ to getting more sales and making a name for your business

  • You’ll have low to ZERO campaign conversions since you haven’t figured out how to persuade your audience with mad content creation strategies

  • You won’t attract leads because you don’t even know if you have a sales process since all you can think of is how to sell and make money

  • Closing sales calls will be a constant struggle the same goes with displaying your authority. Because you failed to indoctrinate your audience about what’s in it for them

  • You’re in a hurry for that sweet ROI without even knowing if your offer is lucrative. Come on you’re not a car salesperson! So, why are you always rushing for the sale? (Unless you are, then, you still need to finish reading this)


You know you need to be closing that sale or client but you’re torn between not to sound sales-y and ‘please, give me your money’.


I absolutely get it. I’ve been into that same situation dozens of times and I want you to understand that it’ll change moving forward.


And to be honest, it’s NOT your fault. No siree bob.


If selling systematically and writing compelling ads or content was easy, EVERY business owner and marketers would be billionaires by now.


But we both know that it only exists in a parallel universe where you and I don’t belong, yeah?


Let me tell you something…


I’m good at what I do and what I do is selling in a way that the audience won’t get infuriated.


But, would you believe if I’ll say that I used to suck at it when I started?


I want to teach you the skill of writing compelling funnel copy because it has changed the way I sell myself and my clients’ offers. And it’ll change the way you sell yours too!

This highly-sought skill for businesses is called funnel copywritingor a systematic salesmanship.

Your Salesmanship Stardom Starts when You Decide to Join the Sensational Six!

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"Luis before opened an internship-like opportunity..."

While teaching his strategies to those whom he chose.

One of them got the ideal clients in the niche that she wants right now.

Vouching for him.

— Rosella Jane T. Vargas, Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join the Anti Guru’s Sensational Six


  • A 5-week intensive funnel copywriting group program. From Facebook ads copy, opt-in page copy to product launch email copy, you’ll learn all of that within just 5 weeks! 

  • Direct access and support from The Anti Guru. I will personally provide unlimited and in-your-face copy critiques until you get a full grasp of how to write different types of copy for funnels. Plus, I will see to it that all your queries are answered, leaving no ‘what ifs’ behind as much as possible 


  • How to gain an edge over your competitors and give a discreet victorious laugh. You’ll be learning all my ‘secret sauces’ and battle-tested strategies on how to be efficient. From market research, ad copywriting, content creation hacks and MORE!


  •  Exclusive premium learning materials. What’s mine is yours. I’ll share some materials that have helped me get to where I am now, so you don’t have to go through mindless self-studying


  • 1-on-1 coaching calls. You’re entitled to four private 30-minute coaching calls, so you get to brainstorm about any business ideas you have, pick my brain or share dad jokes with me


  • An instant portfolio. Worried that you still don’t have samples? I got you. I’ll help you create samples that you can be proud of and show to your prospective clients


  • A ‘newborn’ nurturing system. I’ll take you by the hand, like a father to a child crossing a street and guide you on how to achieve your kind of success


  • And MANY more!



The Anti Guru’s Sensational Six Funnel Copywriting Program Is For


  • Personal Trainers who want to sell more of their services without sounding like a snake oil salesperson


  • Aspiring Funnel Copywriters who want to up their game and get their feet wet on funnel copywriting


  • Funnel Builders who want to complement their designing skills with killer ad copywriting


  • Coaches and Consultants who want to know how to sell systematically without having to sound sales-y


  • Struggling Direct Response Copywriters who want someone to give them a ‘no-fluff’ way of writing different types of funnel copy


  • Business Owners (eCom store owners, brick and mortar businesses, network marketers, realtors, etc) who want to attract hot piping leads without relying on paid traffic and wasting money on strategies that don’t work


If you’re one of the above, then, I invite you to sign up to my 5-week program to amplify your results!

Who Is The Anti Guru and What Does He Do?

I’m Luis, and I’m a Funnel Copywriter who helps business owners get above-average and impressive results for their businesses through direct response copywriting.


I’ve recently opened my mentorship program because I want to help people like YOU to fast-track their success in selling your products or services ethically. 


I’m also the founder of The Den or Learning—the only community in the Philippines that delivers 100% value while ripping other gurus’ band aid off.


For the past two years, I’ve written dozens or even hundreds of sales copy as a Direct Response Funnel Copywriter. Clients from all over the world hire me because they think I can persuade their audience to take action.


…damn right, I did! I’ve also added an extra layer of above-average results to their campaigns to top it off!


Throughout these years, I made sure to innovate through otherworldly strategies and focused on…


  • Standing out in a sea of saturated marketers by finding out my ‘signature’ tone
  • Investing in expensive, valuable courses and learning materials that would propel my success—so my students don’t have to!
  • Making above-average conversion for my clients’ ad campaigns through mad funnel strategy and copywriting skills
  • Working with several digital marketing agencies, personal trainers, affiliate marketers, ecom owners, business coaches and business owners on a global scale!

Some of the Businesses I’ve Helped Generate Impressive Results

My Methodologies Have Already Helped My Mentees Improve Their Funnel Copywriting Game

"Thanks, Luis..."

Daming golden inputs from you.


— Sabrina Aglipay, Owner, Longganisang Iloko

"Damn, Kuya..."

First time akong pinuri! Prospect client.


— Geb Vence, Founder, Barbaric Copywriter

…And I Want You to Be My Next Success Story!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join the Sensational Six Group Mentorship Program

5-Week Intensive Funnel Copywriting Training

(P30,000 value)

I’m going to share my best-kept secrets on how I write high-converting copy for my clients’ funnels in just five weeks!

I’ve already taught two copywriters under my wing before I taught my mentees and I won’t hesitate to impart all my tips and tricks so we can fast track your success.

EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED Training Materials

(P50,000 value)

Your learning will be supplemented with courses and materials that I bought and learned so you can easily adapt to the dynamic world of marketing and advertising.

1-on-1 Coaching Calls

(P10,000 value)

You’re entitled to two one hour 1:1 coaching calls with me.

BONUS #1: A Digital Copy of Funnel Copywriting Fundamentals

(P500,000 value)


Ha! Gotcha!

If I was to be honest, this doesn’t have any monetary value. However, the ideas and knowledge behind it are what makes this lead magnet valuable.

You can also use this as your “cheat sheet” whenever you need to skim notes while writing an ad copy. So, that’s that.

BONUS #2: The Anti Guru Merch

(P495 value)


You’ll stickers and a color-changing mug.

Because owning my merch adds +50 bragging rights, +100 exclusivity and +1000 direct response knowledge.

BONUS #3: Instant Portfolio



Let’s face it. A lot of clients are looking for samples because they want to know if you’re the real deal.

Worried that you don’t have one? Fret not, I got you!

The Sensational Six program comes with actual writing of different types of funnel copy so you can:

  1. Hone your skills
  2. Present actual samples to prospective clients
  3. Add more to your portfolio

Amazeballs, right?!

BONUS #4: One (1) year Support


Wonder what would happen after five weeks? Will you be on your own after that? Nope. That’s not how I roll.

I will continue to support and guide you until I’m physically unable to!

I want to see my mentees spread their wings and soar high until they reach their goals.

Okay, Let’s Go Over the Fine Print. You’ll Be Getting:


  • 5 weeks intensive funnel copywriting training (P30,000 value)
  • EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED Training Materials (P50,000 value)
  • Eight (2) 1-on-1 Coaching Calls (P10,000 value)
  • BONUS #1: A Digital Copy of Funnel Copywriting Fundamentals (Priceless)
  • BONUS #2: The Anti Guru Merch (P495 value)
  • BONUS #3: Instant Portfolio (Priceless)
  • BONUS #4: One Year (1) Support (P20,000 value)
  • BONUS #5: 3-month access to the Holy Trinity of Paid Traffic Copywriting (P3,750 value)


Total Value = P114,245


“Holy cow! P114,245?!


Hey man, I hear you. The total value of my program does seem to be a buzzkill. 


But listen, I’m confident funnel copywriting can easily make you 2x, 3x or heck even 5x that amount within a year when done right!


That’s how powerful this high-income skill is!

"Grabe Kuya..."

Eversince nag optimize ako ng profile may mga nag add sakin na nag a-ask about my copywriting and how long am I doing it.

— Geb Vence, Founder, Barbaric Copywriter


"Iba talaga professional marketers..."

Galing mag advice.


— Sabrina Aglipay, Owner, Longganisang Iloko

The Good News Is, I Won’t Be Charging You P114,245 for a Mere Group Mentorship Program

I could, if I want to and the right audience would still buy…


But, no, I won’t.


Why? Well, it defeats the purpose of my goal to help you learn the logic behind a compelling sales funnel copy.


You see, my mentor has taught me everything I needed to know about direct response copywriting.


But after he taught me what I needed to know, I discovered the magical world of funnel copywriting.


While I may haven’t climbed the highest corporate ladder so I could impart my wisdom and knowledge to my subordinates due to *cough* office politics *cough* when I was still working at several IT companies…


I feel that my current skills serve a higher purpose which is to teach as many people as I can about funnel copywriting.


That’s why I decided to price it at P35,000


Because (with all the stuff you’ll learn including the bonuses) I’m sure a lot of people would still join my program at that price.


“Wait just one second”


I told myself:


My ultimate goal is to train as many people as I can so they can upskill at a reasonable price. I should price this group mentorship program even lower to do that.


So, today, I bring forth good news!


I’m letting you into the Sensational Six group mentorship program + all the bonuses for a steal price.

**Click the button below to sign up for the waitlist!

Enroll in the Sensational Six Group Mentorship Program and Save P79,245

P̶114,̶245  P35,000

I’m only accepting six (6) mentees at a time to ensure quality learning.

Days Before Training Starts








If You Check This Out, Then Voluntarily Decide to Go Back to Writing So-So Ad Copy That Doesn’t Convert, I Don’t Know Why You’d Do That But I Totally Understand Cuz’ That’s Your Option

If that’s what you want to do, I won’t even force you into buying this group mentorship program.


But opportunities like this come knocking on a rare occasion.


Imagine, a program so effective, you can get results as fast as five (5) weeks!


There’s absolutely no reason to be skeptical because…


I Got You Covered With a “30-Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back” Guarantee


The Sensational Six group mentorship program comes with a 30-day guarantee so you’ll have more flexibility to maximize it at your own pace after the training…or you’ll get your money back.


Even if you screw around, you STILL have time to check out this entire system then decide if you want to put it to good use or not.


What I’m trying to say is, if you haven’t learned a SINGLE thing after the training, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. Nada. Zilch.


However, If you take action NOW, you could even be seeing results with this complete 5-week program before the training is up.


But, you have to contact me and do it soon. Because this special offer is limited.


Sure, you might see the same type of program being sold by somebody else…


But only this special offer has my unique experience and methods. Best of all, this special price is available HERE and NOW.


You gotta act fast if you want to achieve results that you’ve only hoped before.

Enroll in the Sensational Six Group Mentorship Program and Save P79,245

P̶114,̶245  P35,000

I’m only accepting six (6) mentees at a time to ensure quality learning.

FA-Q Section


When will the training start? 


*TBA. Click the button below to sign up for the waitlist!


How much does the Sensational Six Group Mentorship Program cost?


It’s P35,000. You have the option to pay everything upfront if you wish. But since I understand that we’re currently living in difficult times, I’m offering flexible payment terms.

First 50% upfront and the rest shall be paid during the second week of the training.


How does your money back guarantee work?


You have 30 days to optimize your samples after the training and try it in the real world.

You can ask me for tips on how to use them to attract prospective clients’ attention.

After all, that’s the purpose of my lifetime support system. To help you reach your kind of success.

If after the intensive 5-week training plus, the 30-day adjustment you still haven’t learned a SINGLE thing…

You gotta give me a very good justification on why you still haven’t learned ANYTHING.

And then I’ll issue a FULL refund.


Can an ultra beginner apply? Meaning without any knowledge of how copywriting formulas works?


I’m sorry but, no. I can only teach those who have samples or are already knowledgeable about the fundamentals of copywriting.

Fret not because you can still get the hang of how funnel copywriting works if you join my FREE Facebook community, The Den of Learning.

The program is for people who have been writing copy but found themselves on the slippery slope.


Do I need to write my copy by hand when I enroll in your program?


Absolutely, NOT! Part of my training is to be efficient and effective. Why would I advise you to write your copy by hand if you can write a copy 100x faster using your computer? It’s a total waste of time.

How will I know if my success is guaranteed?


You don’t. And honestly, I don’t either. Because success is relative to those who take action and work their asses off. 

My only responsibility is to give you all the help you need so you can spread your wings, soar high and can reach your goals.

For optimal results, once you’ve absorbed what you’ve learned, apply it the soonest. That’s how I did it. That’s how my previous mentees did it. 

Success isn’t at all rocket science.



You’re getting the value of P114,245 worth of learning that: 


  • Gives you an edge over the competition
  • Helps you write copy efficiently and effectively
  • Makes you appear as THE expert because you have samples to back up your claims


But it’s really only costing you P35,000 which means you save P79,245


That’s a whopping P79,245 savings!


Opportunities like this indeed come on a rare occasion.


So, act now if you want to jumpstart your funnel copywriting journey without breaking the bank!

Enroll in the Sensational Six Group Mentorship Program and Save P79,245

P̶114,̶245  P35,000

I’m only accepting six (6) mentees at a time to ensure quality learning.

Looking forward to hearing your results!


See you on the other side,


Luis “The Anti Guru” Leandro




The Anti Guru / The Den of Learning


P.S. There’s proof that this WORKS…


I’ve shown you several proof that my mentorship program has worked like a charm.


And since I demonstrated that it’s easier to learn funnel copywriting in just five (5) weeks, why not give it a shot?


If you think you’re ready for the amazing results that you’ll get in the next five weeks, it only makes sense to get it right NOW.


Click the button below to enroll in the group mentorship program.

Enroll in the Sensational Six Group Mentorship Program and Save P79,245

P̶114,̶245  P35,000

I’m only accepting six (6) mentees at a time to ensure quality learning.

P.P.S. If you don’t enroll in the group mentorship program…


Will things stay the same? 


Yes and that’s not what you really desire, is it?


Will things get worse? 


Maybe. And opportunities like this passes you by like so many have come before.


Stop wasting more money on buying books and courses that you don’t need instead of creating better results for yourself.


Don’t let that happen to you…enroll NOW!


So you don’t regret it later when the special offer price goes up or if I decide to quit teaching because I’m busy with other projects.


Click the button below to enroll in the group mentorship program.

Enroll in the Sensational Six Group Mentorship Program and Save P79,245

P̶114,̶245  P35,000

I’m only accepting six (6) mentees at a time to ensure quality learning.

P.P.P.S. Did you just skip the entire thing?! Naughty naughty!


I know because I installed a CRO testing tool to track your scrolling activity.


A majority of readers would skip the entire letter and go straight at the end. And you might just be one of them…


Pinagpuyatan ko tong sales letter habang inaatake ng anxiety ha? Nag effort pa ko kung di mo man lang babasahin lahat. 🙁


Fine. Whatevs, man.


I’ll make it easier for you, you naughty person you…


  • 5 weeks intensive funnel copywriting training (P30,000 value)
  • EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED Training Materials (P50,000 value)
  • Two 1-on-1 Coaching Calls (P10,000 value)
  • BONUS #1: A Digital Copy of Funnel Copywriting Fundamentals (Priceless)
  • BONUS #2: The Anti Guru Merch (P495 value)
  • BONUS #3: Instant Portfolio (Priceless)
  • BONUS #4: One Year (1) Support (P20,000 value)
  • BONUS #5: 3-month access to the Holy Trinity of Paid Traffic Copywriting (P3,750 value)


Total Value = P114,245


But, you don’t have to pay that amount because my goal is to help you write better ad copy and create a sales process.

Enroll in the Sensational Six Group Mentorship Program and Save P79,245

P̶114,̶245  P35,000

I’m only accepting six (6) mentees at a time to ensure quality learning.